Municipal Excellence Award Received

REMP has received the 2014 Alberta Municipal Excellence Award for Small Municipalities!

All 10 Pigeon Lake Summer Villages worked collaboratively to develop a Regional Emergency Management Plan (REMP) for Pigeon Lake. The REMP is established in accordance with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency suggested guidelines. It is implemented and maintained based on a continuous emergency planning process as indicated below:

  • Annual emergency planning audits
  • Risk assessments
  • Prevention & mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery
  • Communications and training
  • Exercises and debriefing
  • Monitor, evaluate, status reports

The goal of the REMP is to prevent or minimize losses to people, property and the environment. The REMP is divided in two parts – Part One (organizational structure, process) is comprised of the prescriptive requirements as directed within the REMP. It provides structure and accountability to ensure that all emergency planning requirements are incorporated into the REMP. Part Two (response, business continuity and recovery) includes the emergency response, tactical and support information (forms, status reports) needed to implement the Pigeon Lake Summer Villages REMP.

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